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Our Commitment to Quality


An uncompromising commitment to the very best quality, a higher standard of cannabis, that is who we are. The culmination of over a decade in the cannabis industry, a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical grade, indoor cultivation and manufacturing facility, plus award-winning genetics, grown and selected from seed by ourselves, results in a consistent, higher standard of superior quality medicine, that you can trust. We grow for ourselves first and foremost. Our passion and commitment to the plant, and to the people who care for and consume them, is what drives us, and what drives us to both create and maximize the genetic potential of our cannabis.

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We strive to deliver the very best medical cannabis products, not just in the state of Oklahoma, but in the world. We hold ourselves to a higher standard in every step of the process. We have won 11 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards as a result of our relentless commitment to quality. And where medical cannabis may be new to Oklahoma, we are not, our red dirt roots run deep. We have moved heaven and earth to bring you the very best cannabis products, to bring you something unique and special, to elevate your life. We take the privilege of producing your medicine very seriously. Cannabis has been a miracle for us, and we are privileged to share that miracle with you, to help you feel heavenly, no matter what.


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